TMClubScheduleā„¢ Club Members Guide

This Guide explains how to use TMClubSchedule to review the current schedule online, accept or decline any of the roles you've been assigned, update your profile and record your planned absences.

What Is TMClubSchedule

TMClubSchedule is an online (web-based), self-service Toastmasters club scheduling program. TMClubSchedule was created to enable everyone in the club to view the latest schedule, including changes, in real time and to make the typical activities related to the schedule self-service (e.g. accepting roles, declining roles, recording absences, etc).

Main Features

  • [x] All members can view the latest schedule online at any time
  • [x] Each member with a role receives an email when a new schedule is published with details about the role(s) they've been assigned each week of the schedule
  • [x] Members have the ability to accept or decline a role online at any time.
  • [x] Emails automatically notify the week's Toastmaster and the VP-Education when members accept or decline a role
  • [x] Members can enter their own planned absences online
  • [x] Members can claim a role that was assigned to another member if that role is declined
  • [x] Easily locate member's email addresses and phone numbers in the secure schedule
  • [x] A "public" version of the schedule can be viewed by anyone with the URL, but with all member's email addresses and phone numbers removed

Who Should Read This Document?

This document is intended for every club member to assist them in performing the various activities necessary to maintain their profile, and to manage their participation in the regular schedule.