Quick Start: New Club Setup Checklist

1. Setup Club Information

The following information is required to set up your club in TM Club Schedule:

  1. Club Name
  2. Club Alias
  3. Address
  4. Phone
  5. Club email address
  6. Club website URL (if available)
  7. Color theme
  8. Club logo (if any)
  9. Schedule and Meeting Options
    • Timezone
    • Meeting interval: Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, custom
    • Club meeting day
    • Number of meetings in each schedule
    • Allow members to claim open roles (Y/N)
  10. Reminder and Nofications
    • Number of days before meeting to send reminder email
    • Notify all members when new schedule published? (Y/N)
    • Notify VP-Education when assignment status is updated? (Y/N)
    • Notify Toastmaster when assignment status is updated? (Y/N)
  11. Holidays and Contests
    • Enter each upcoming date of a holiday or club contest

See: Club Profile for details.

2. Set Holidays

Add each day of the year that should be skipped due to holiday. Input manually with provided form or import from ical (calendar) file.

See: Club Holiday for details.

3. Add Members

  1. Upload members (bulk via import tool, or one at a time with form)
  2. Elements: Email Address, Password, First name, Last name, Address, Phone, Member Since/Registration Date
  3. Indicate which member is Club President
  4. Indicate if login information is to be emailed to this member (for new setup, or on password update)

See: Membership Management, Managing Club Members for details.

4. Define Membership Levels

Define one or more club membership levels, which define the level of experience required to be assigned to a role:

  • Name, e.g. Beginner, Veteran, etc.
  • The length of time a member should have been a Toastmaster to gain this level (in months).

See: Membership Level for details.

5. Define Club Roles

  1. Create a new entry for each meeting role (e.g. Speaker, Evaluator, Presiding Officer, etc)
  2. Assign each role a membership experience level
  3. Set the number of slots for this role in each meeting schedule (e.g. Speaker = 3, Table Topic Master = 1)
  4. Indicate if this role should receive an email notification each time the schedule is updated.
  5. Indicate if this role is for the Club President

See: Club Roles for details.