VP-Education Dashboard

When logging in using the club Admin (VP-Education) account, you will be redirected to the Admin Dashboard Page which give you at a glance information about various topics.

Screenshot: Admin Dashboard

Administration Checklist

Contains a checklist that explains what you need to do before you can use the schedule generator to create your first schedule.

Screenshot: Admin Checklist

Each item in the list is linked to relevant page where you can take action to complete the tasks.

Once you complete all the tasks, this checklist will disappear from the dashboard.

Planned Absences

List of members who will not be available for assignment in the current (and future) weeks. If a member is going to be absent for one or more weeks included in the current schedule, they should decline any roles they have on that schedule rather than create an Absence record. Use the Absence record for weeks AFTER the current schedule assignments.

Online Members

List of members who is currently online (logged in members)