Membership Level

In TMClubSchedule, membership level is a way to classify members based on how long they've been a member. Each role has a required Membership Level (or experience level). The membership level is then used to determine whether a member is eligible to fill a role such as Grammarian, Speaker, Toastmasters, etc.

The level name itself can be anything, you decide yourself what will makes sense for your club setup.


Here are some example just to give you idea:

Membership Period Naming Example
0-1 month Beginner
1-3 months Intermediate
3 months+ Advanced


The membership level will be used for defining Role Eligibility1.

For example, when we added new Role, let's say "Speaker", we can tell which level are eligible to be assigned for this "Speaker" role.

Managing Membership Levels

This section assume that you are already logged in into your Club Admin Dashboard.

Listing Membership Levels

To list & manage existing levels, go to Members --> Membership Level

Membership Level Index

Adding New Level

On the Membership list page above, click the Add (+) button, will bring you to "Add New Level" page:

Add New Level Form

Fill in the form, then click submit to save it.

Editing Level Entry

On the Membership list page above, find the entry you want to edit, then click Edit (pencil) button next to it.

Deleting Levels

On the Membership list page above, find the entry you want to delete, then click Delete (trash) button next to it.

  1. See Managing Roles section for more detail.