TMClubScheduleā„¢ VP-Education Guide

This document will walk you through the process of setting up TMClubSchedule, adding members, defining your club's roles, generating a schedule and managing any weekly changes.

What Is TMClubSchedule

TMClubSchedule is an online (web-based) Toastmasters club scheduling service. TMClubSchedule is built to make your club schedule visible to any member in real time, which greatly simplifies the process of producing, managing and distributing your club's schedule for the club VP-Education.

Main Features

  • [x] Automatic schedule generator
  • [x] Real-time email notification to members when a new schedule is published
  • [x] Online access to a full 4 or 6 week schedule, visible to every member
  • [x] Fully configurable roles (names, number of roles, assignment per schedule)
  • [x] Club's holiday management
  • [x] Configurable for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly clubs
  • [x] Members can claim open roles in real time (self-service)
  • [x] VP-Education can adjust schedule assigments at any time
  • [x] Everyone can see who has confirmed their meeting role in real time
  • [x] Mailer feature makes it easy to send email to (a) the entire club, (b) the current week's role holders, (c) role holders who have not yet responded, or (d) club members who are not on the current schedule, in case you want to recruit volunteers for role vacancies. All with the click of a button

Who Should Read This Document?

This document is intended for the club Administrator, who will generally be the VP-Education. That person will be assigned the role of the TMClubSchedule 'Administrator' and will have greater access and control over the schedule.

This document will cover all aspects of managing your club using TMClubSchedule.